Pathfinder PF1 Bundle

The Pathfinder™ system is comprised of a range of simple templates that attach to your WoodRat. With them, you can make tenons, dovetails and half-blind dovetails.

For the beginner the benefit is how quickly it can be learnt, and for the professional it turns out perfect work at speed, making it ideal for the busy commercial workshop. 

The Pathfinder came about as a way of making tenons with rounded ends exactly to fit the round ends of mortises made with the router bit. Something was needed to track the bit around, rounding off the tenon ends. Trying to do this freehand with the router was difficult, and carving them round takes time. So, we devised the tenon template that travels in the MB3 Mitre Box under the baseplate going East West, while you move the router with a straight bit North South, all guided by a pin finding the pathways in the template.

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